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Gwen Goes To Urban Tails

Our younger dog Gwen is just around two years old. As any Labrador that age she has a lot of energy. We had thought that it might be good idea to help her burn off some of that energy by occasionally playing with a group of dogs at a nearby doggy day care. Shadow and Dickson had both been regulars at another doggy day care facility up until they closed up shop.

The first visit to a new facility involves a “temperment test” where the staff try to ascertain how a new pup will behave in a group. This brief video is one that I shot with my cell phone as Gwen was playing with a test group of five other dogs. Gwen is the Black Labrador in the clip.

Like most Labradors, Gwen proved to be very social, and a good fit into their clientele. Time will tell just how often she gets to go. We were a little surprised to see how much Shadow, our older male Labrador, missed her when she was gone for the afternoon.

One of the nicer things about Urban Tails is that the have webcams in their play spaces. You can watch your pets as they go about their day, even as you have to work. They also have iPhone and Android apps that offer an event better way of looking in on the pack as they play.