Hey, Houston! Help Make This Happen!!

There’s a relatively new effort to create a Maker Space for Houston. I’m very excited about this. It’s been a long time coming.

I’d love to partake of some of the activities that would happen in and around a maker space. I could even see it becoming a base for certain community groups, from jewelry makers to textile artists and welder to kite builders. It can only just be one thing…awesome!

There’s a campaign to raise a modest amount of funds to get started. The money will be used to secure a location in the east end of the city, renovate and equip it to get started. Their plans for co-working space could be an excellent opportunity for SOHO dwellers looking for a change of scenery or a little inspiration over coffee.

A TED Talk That You Really Should See

Steve Jobs On Copying

This week I watched Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview by Robert X Cringely. This particular clip, extracted for the purposes of a Forbes Interview, is especially interesting in then light of the recent Apple vs Samsung law suit.

Gary Vaynerchuk On Google+

OK, so I’m in the Google+ beta and I’m playing around with it. I’m not yet certain that I completely “get it,” but then I’ve never been the biggest fan of Facebook. That said, Gary V is right on the money when he highlights the “hangouts” feature. I think that real-time communications using audio & video is going to be huge. It’ll be everywhere, and soon. With the talent & IP from GIPS Google is well positioned to dominate.

Enjoying The Texas Wine School

Over the past couple of years I’ve taken quite an interest in wine. It started out just to satisfy my curiosity, but then, as is my way, I’ve gone into more depth than was originally intended.

Last summer Stella and I took a week of vacation to visit the Napa Valley in California. We traveled with another couple, also newfound wine enthusiasts. Not only was this our first real vacation in a long time, but we found the choice of topic and location immensely enjoyable.

In truth, we found ourselves starting down what may well be the very long path that is the exploration wine.

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Escaping Today’s Cold Weather In Houston…in New Jersey?

How crazy is this? I have to be in Raritan, New Jersey this week. They were expecting bad weather. The airport in Newark was closed expecting freezing rain.

But it’s actually much colder in Houston! Houston is 1600 miles away, mostly further south. That’s so crazy.

Today was the coldest day in Houston since I moved there in 1998.

FDA On Vegatables

A Master Of Wine Students Guide To Remembering Grape Varieties

Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Auditions for Saturday Night Live

CM can do whatever he puts his mind to. I’ve long been a fan.