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A Hopeful Sign

We plant a lot of Milkweed in our garden. It’s the favorite food of Monarch butterfly caterpillars. This afternoon I found the little fellow in the side yard. He’s just about dry enough to fly. He was flying around about an hour later.

This video was shot using my Galaxy Nexus cell phone.

Halloween 2012 Photos


Halloween 2012, a set on Flickr.

These are the photos that I took in the weeks prior to and on Halloween 2012. We had some family help with carving pumpkins and creating a few new headstones. Then some folks came in costume to help creep out the kiddies.

There are over 120 photos in the set on Flikr. Click on through to see them all. Some were taken so that we can write some description of how we do certain things for those who want to do something similar elsewhere.

Thanks to all who helped.