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Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Auditions for Saturday Night Live

CM can do whatever he puts his mind to. I’ve long been a fan.

A Not-So Chilling Tale Of Halloween Fog

The past few years our annual Halloween display included fog effects augmented by the use of “chillers” to cool the output of the fog machines. This year we tried a new design for fog chillers. This is a little report on the differences, and why the new design was something of a disappointment.

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Retailers Of America: Hold Your Fire!

This is just a simple notice to the retailers of America. Christmas is in December. Traditionally the holiday retails promotions begin around Thanksgiving. That’s early enough, ok?

Halloween is only just past and we’re seeing some signs that the retail transition to Christmas is beginning…Thanksgiving be damned.

Well, those of you who are overly eager to get on with the holiday shopping binge do so at your peril. I’m planting a stake in the ground. Jump start your Christmas promos much before Thanksgiving and your establishment will not be enjoying my custom.

Of course, I’m just one guy. But some near to me know just how fiscally irresponsible I can be, which often plays out in your favor. Consider yourselves warned.

Those of you carrying the Wal-Mart banner can ignore this little warning. As in the past ten holiday seasons we won’t be seeing each other. I don’t miss you. Do you miss me?