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Sonoma In The Heights Goes To The Dogs

Rarely do two of my passions come together so nicely. Saturday, February 2nd Sonoma Wine Bar in The Heights is hosting a fund raising event for SNAP.

Sonoma Paws For Wine

A Saturday afternoon spent tasting wine is a nice idea all in itself. The fact that its in support of a worthy cause makes it so much the better.

TEDxHouston 2012 Edited Videos Now Online

Earlier today there was an announcement that the TEDxHouston 2012 video recordings were finally edited and being put online via You Tube. You can find the entire playlist here.

You may recall that I was a volunteer working at that event. Working with the TEDxHouston team was a great experience. It was, for me, a return to my roots as I operated a camera for the first time in many years. It was great to just be in attendance, but also nice to feel that I was doing something useful to foster the production.

This video featuring Jay Berckley on education was an particular favorite. His was the very last talk of the day. By then I was running the camera on the back of the stage, getting the rear view of the presenter and the audience reaction. I think that point I was getting to be reasonably comfortable in the role of camera operator.

It’s a curious things to have spent more than two decades in the business of video production and broadcast technology. Invariably we get to be specialists of a sort, even though we all start out with the basics of tele-production. My comfort zone has always been editing and graphics.

The tricky thing is that, as a professional, we come to know enough to question our own abilities at these basic tasks that we once did without thought. After all, there were few other people there who are in fact professional, freelance camera-people.

Like riding a bike, it eventually comes back. I’m grateful for everyone on the crew who were both gracious and patient.

I look forward to helping with TEDxHouston 2013. That is, if they’ll have me again. I even have some nice ideas for how to leverage one or two of my personal passions to augment the production. How about TEDxHouston presented in full surround sound? That might be fun.