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Gwen & Shadow Playing

This little video shot with my G2 cell phone.

You Lost On Jeopardy, Baby.

While I cannot say that I was a witness to the process, it seems that IBM’s WATSON bested a pair of Jeopardy champions. Besides being a great showing of technology it’s nice to see some really smart people take a whipping. That always makes us mere mortals feel better about ourselves. Temper it though folks, for they doubtless got paid handsomely for the appearance.

On the other hand, they surely were thinking something that Alexander Graham Bell once thought, “Watson, you bastard!”

Apologies to Weird All Yankovic for the title of this post.

Valentine’s Day Biscuits

Estella sent me the following message a little earlier this evening:

Shadow and I just got back from his evening walk.
He asked for a biscuit.
I promptly got him a regular biscuit.
He sniffed it and declined it saying,
“No have to have the valentine’s biscuit. If I don’t eat it today it will go bad tomorrow! I am only thinking about you and Dad having spent all that money on my biscuits. I don’t want to waste them.”
Foiled again by a 4 legged little boy with brown eyes.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

When Shadow Met Gwen

After a month or more of having filled out an application with the Southeast Texas Labrador Rescue we finally met a candidate puppy yesterday. Julie (her foster parent) stopped by with Gwen so that she could meet Shadow & the cats.

Gwen is a sweet and playful little pup. She’s only 18 months old. Even Gracie (younger cat) seemed to like her. Noel (older cat) simple made herself scarce for a while….as is her way.

If we are decided that she is “The One” then we’ll probably have her moved in next weekend.

Escaping Today’s Cold Weather In Houston…in New Jersey?

How crazy is this? I have to be in Raritan, New Jersey this week. They were expecting bad weather. The airport in Newark was closed expecting freezing rain.

But it’s actually much colder in Houston! Houston is 1600 miles away, mostly further south. That’s so crazy.

Today was the coldest day in Houston since I moved there in 1998.