Reconstituting My Personal Blog

In the chaos of last June when my SOHO tech blog was suffering hosting issues I killed off my personal blog. It was no accident. It was just a matter of priorities. The need to get the larger tech blog to a new home loomed large, so the personal blog went down…that is until today.

Now that Graves On SOHO Tech is more or less happily living on a VPS at Unmetered VPS.Net I’ve reconstituted my personal blog here at the oldĀ BlueHost shared hosting account.

I’ve decided to put each site at a different domain, with the SOHO Tech blog remaining at since that’s a long established address. The personal blog resides at, a domain that I acquired just a couple of months ago.

It’ll take some time to dress this up a bit, but it’s good to have a soap box for matters that don’t relate to issues of technology.