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Keith Olbermann: Wisdom On The Tea Party

Aussie Pet Mobile Earns Our Disdain

For a couple of years we used a service called Aussie Pet Mobile. This is a company that has Chrysler Sprinter vans nicely modified to perform pet grooming at your home. It’s a really good idea and we loved the service here in Houston. I think we used it from very early in the life of this particular franchise.

The service is simple enough. You call the local franchisee and book an appointment, then they come to the house and groom the pets. It’s fast and convenient. We always had a great experience with the field staff who came to do the work.

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Halloween 2010: Part 2 – The Soundtrack

Not only do we stage a pretty good set of visuals for the Halloween kiddies, we support it with sound and lights, too. We usually have 2-3 kw of sound reinforcement fed by a couple of Logitech Squeezeboxes. It’s 3 or 4 pair of powered monitors like my Behringer B2031As and a couple of Behringer B2030A powered subwoofers. It’s not uber-high-end, but it’s clean and can get very loud when necessary.

The past couple of years I’ve been taking the easy route and using a simple mixed track that combines several commercial sound effects CDs for the season. They’re fine but I’ve always wanted to make it more musical, to mix the sounds effects with recognizable musical tracks.

My own tastes run toward Pink Floyd as appropriate for the night. That’s what I always play during the setup process. I’ve got everything they’ve ever recorded, including various symphonic remakes. I’ve also go the various members solo records, some of which seem appropriate.

However, Pink Floyd alone seems a little one-dimensional. I think that there may be value in crowd-sourcing ideas for the sound track. So I ask you; what would you pick as part of an ominous soundtrack for Halloween? All ideas welcome.

There’s two weeks before the big day so I need to start soon if I’m to get it done. If I actually get a custom mixed track assembled I’ll publish the playlist so you get a sense of what was done.

Halloween 2010: Part 1 – The Web

Reconstituting My Personal Blog

In the chaos of last June when my SOHO tech blog was suffering hosting issues I killed off my personal blog. It was no accident. It was just a matter of priorities. The need to get the larger tech blog to a new home loomed large, so the personal blog went down…that is until today.

Now that Graves On SOHO Tech is more or less happily living on a VPS at Unmetered VPS.Net I’ve reconstituted my personal blog here at the old BlueHost shared hosting account.

I’ve decided to put each site at a different domain, with the SOHO Tech blog remaining at since that’s a long established address. The personal blog resides at, a domain that I acquired just a couple of months ago.

It’ll take some time to dress this up a bit, but it’s good to have a soap box for matters that don’t relate to issues of technology.