Wierd Al Yankovic Gets My Generation

Weird Al just gets things is such a deep and thoughtful manner. His latest single fits life as I know it in so many ways. There are so many people who deserve to get sent a link to this, but who would fail to appreciate it fully.

While some might think his humor is low, I think that this song proves not only his comic genius, but also his strength as a performer. Heck, I even find the video an impressive piece of work. Nicely done, Al!

You Lost On Jeopardy, Baby.

While I cannot say that I was a witness to the process, it seems that IBM’s WATSON bested a pair of Jeopardy champions. Besides being a great showing of technology it’s nice to see some really smart people take a whipping. That always makes us mere mortals feel better about ourselves. Temper it though folks, for they doubtless got paid handsomely for the appearance.

On the other hand, they surely were thinking something that Alexander Graham Bell once thought, “Watson, you bastard!”

Apologies to Weird All Yankovic for the title of this post.

Keith Olbermann: Wisdom On The Tea Party

Aussie Pet Mobile Earns Our Disdain

For a couple of years we used a service called Aussie Pet Mobile. This is a company that has Chrysler Sprinter vans nicely modified to perform pet grooming at your home. It’s a really good idea and we loved the service here in Houston. I think we used it from very early in the life of this particular franchise.

The service is simple enough. You call the local franchisee and book an appointment, then they come to the house and groom the pets. It’s fast and convenient. We always had a great experience with the field staff who came to do the work.

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