Amazon & I Have Confused Our David Wilcox’s

Dual-David-WilcoxWhen I was in college I lived in a large student housing co-op in the middle of downtown Toronto. It was dominated  by students from what was then called Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (RPI.)

While I did not attend RPI officially, I attended numerous social functions on the campus. It was there that I was introduced to David Wilcox, one of Canada’s leading blues/rock guitarists. True to the tales of my beer-soaked room-mates, his live show was awesome.

A few years ago I was filling some holes in my music collection and started to seek out some David Wilcox titles. By then I was living in the US and found that south of that border there is another David Wilcox that is a prominent American fold singer and songwriter. He’s not the blues guitar master of his Canadian counterpart, but he is a very good songwriter nonetheless.

The confusion over the dueling David Wilcox’s gets deeper in that, while their musical styles differ, they both have a well-developed sense of humor. I think that I could be forgiven for hearing David Wilcox (American) “Blew ‘em away” and thinking it was the same David Wilcox (Canadian) that I once heard shamelessly profess, “I’ve got a bad reputation in this town.”

Quite recently I’ve been again addressing some gaps our local music library. This time trying to replace some music that for whatever reason I only have in MP3 format. These days almost everything we have is stored in FLAC format, with the original CD somewhere in storage.

This time around I see that Amazon is just as confused about the dueling David’s as I was at first. They return results for an artist referenced as “David Wilcox (American)” but within that result set they show albums for both artists.


They even show some albums marked as “Import” for the Canadian songwriter. Worse yet, they return only one album for “David Wilcox (Canadian)” but accompany that result with a lengthy list of the other artists songs for MP3 download.

This must be infuriating for both artists. Both are fine craftsmen. Highly recommended.